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Friday, November 5, 2010

" Never Move On...."

I am here again my dear readers.......This time comes after a very busy season in these last two months. These last weeks have brought many hours of work and with it much responsiblity that challenged me on every level of my life imparticularly on how I spend my time. It all started back in June when I consented to head up a large benefit concert for a non-profit organization/ ministry call Courage to Be You. It is a ministry in the business of rescuing and restoring young girls/women out of sex trafficking. I have to say that the event went off really well and I believe that to be because a new level of growth and awareness on this issue of "time" that became the outcome of the pounding mantra in my head.
As I proceeded to hash out this with the Lord I kept having this feeling that while I would have times of consistantcy in managing my time that I was missing a vital part to the equation that kept me periodically spinning out of control. I have always struggled with this...I always would try and get it under control by just trying to say "no" a little more and supposedly enter into becoming a better steward of my time.A conflicted and tired spirit was always the result of this divided heart. I ached for TRUE rest..Many a question started to stir in hopes of finding an answer....."Time"--- What is it? Why do I feel there are just not enough hours in a day? What and where is my heart to reside while "time" is going by? How do I percieve my life and therefore use my time to leave and eternally-focused legacy? How do I maintain this vision while everyday life pulls me away into myself and constantly drags me down? By what plumline do I begin to sort through all the intrests and opportunities that come my direction so that I am not constanty whipped from side to side?......
I don't know if any of you have had this experience but it seems that when you begin to press into the Lord on something, you start hear and see things everywhere relating to the very thing that you are struggling with It may be through songs, sermons, or scriptures jumping off the page at you. I had one of those kind experiences this summer when I ran across a song by the Christian artist Meredith Andrews. This song started to give me the answer that I was so longing for and from it God gave me a very visual mental picture that has become so very precious to me---here are the lyrics below:
“Never Move On”

What love is this that love should die
Now I am His and He is mine
What a love came down to rescue me
Where I was bound He set me free
I don’t need a new truth, all I need is more of you.

To the cross I will run, for all my Savior has done.
I will stay here and never move on.
No other moment in time so glorious, so divine.
I will stay here and never move on.

Held captive here in awe of grace.
Joy found in tears upon Your face,
And all my shame just disappears.
My guilt erased when I am here
I don’t need a new truth, all I need is more of you.

Nothing in my hands I bring
Simply to your cross I cling, I cling

In this mental picture: I saw myself kneeling at the foot of the cross in the middle of an extremely busy street being completely still while everyone else was moving in slow motion all around me. It was as if I was in a complete silent and still bubble all by myself with nothing but God.
Application: I am to put all my decisions on my time and activities are to be put through this one question----Will these things keep me at the foot of the cross in its ever quieting and binding hold to Him or will it draw me away from that all-consuming intimacy?
This picture released me from the weariness in my heart and having to worry about my time and ultimately my life! My Jesus is the only object that is worth living for and I pray to "Never Move On" from Him ever again!


  1. Thanks Nicole! This is a huge encouragement to me.

  2. wow! what a neat ministry you were able to be involved in! and thank you so much for your testimony. it was a real blessing.