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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

At the Crossroads.....

Ocean spray in my face, wind in my hair, a lone bird's early morning melody.....These are a few of my favorite sounds that exemplify the true vessels that usher in my Saviour's quiet voice! He has asked me to a new height of ministry recently in several different areas and to do things that are completely outside of my comfort zone and yet as that has happened the call to be still and quiet has become louder, and louder. With this call comes a choice....a crossroads of the heart.......Will I choose to live in moment by moment surrender to Him or be running to my own self-sufficiency of my own pride? If I am to choose the surrendered path, how does that look and be applied to everyday living so that His voice is always heard no matter how crazy my world is? These are the  questions that have plagued and nagged at me all during these last summer months......Thus is the birth of this blog as the result of the amazing journey that He has brought me into and continuing to take me down. Thank you for joining me here and I can hardly wait to continue to share my musings from standing at the crossroads!